Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award – Now Accepting Applications

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Scholarship information and applications may be obtained by sending an email to this address Application instructions are sent to all interested applicants.

Each year we welcome loyal corporate and individual donors. If you haven’t already done so you may send your pledges of support to or request additional information.

Thank you in advance for making the Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award one of the preiminent sholarships given out in the South Bay. We are celebrating 10 years of assisting students of academic excellence and those who have financial need complete their higher education dreams.

Thank you for your interest in the Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award.

Mitch Ward
Former Mayor and Councilmember Manhattan Beach
Founder Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award

Testimonies from some of the past award winners…….

“Dear Mayor Ward: Thank you for honoring me with the Youth Recognition Award this past week. It was humbling to be chosen out of such a large group of applicants. The money will be a great help in supporting some of the costs of college. I would also like to thank all the contributors who made this scholarship possible. I can assure you that I will continue my service to the communtiy. Sincerely, Jason K. Jones”
2010 Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award scholar.

“Dear Mayor Ward: Thank you for giving me the Youth Recognition Award. I’m not used to receiving plaques, or having people remember what I wrote. It really meant a lot to me that you knew what I wrote about and my honors…I also enjoyed getting to meet and personally thank each of my sponsors. It is rare that I get to actually see who is helping me. I’m very thankful that you convinced your council to start this scholarship, because it is already very helpful for me on my college education at U Penn. Thanks again for your honest interest in seeing me succeed. Sincerely, Taylor Mills” 2010 Manhattan Beach Youth Recognition Award scholar.

2011 Scholarships
Ileana Acosta (Mira Costa High School)
Kimberly Garcia (Dorsey High School)

2010 Scholarships
Jason K.Jones
Taylor Mills

2009 Scholarships
Kiera Williams, Scholarship
Sam Hine, Scholarship
Antonio Florez, Founder’s Award

2007 Scholarships
Maria Sanchez
Kelly Shambaugh

2004 Scholarships
Geraldine Aquilar
Sabrina Oukil

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